Some Painful anal and young screaming girl


Poonam is no more interested in cocks, especially in her love triangle. It is enough for her. After taking thousands of dicks of every possible size, color and contour; there is no charm left in this. It has just become a ritual for her. Go to the bed and sallow a dick, move to and fro and wait till the hot water comes out. She wants something new, refreshing and more pleasurable.

Anal sex. Yes, this could be a great idea. As it is going to be the first anal sex for Poonam, she chooses a massive cock for the special occasion. She licks the huge cock for a extended period of time, so that it could take the biggest possible size and full of pre cum. When the cock attains a giant size, she comes down on her knees, with her ass hole, wide open. The cock enters. Ooohhhhhh. It is painful. It is dambn painful. As the cock proceeds ahead in the damp hole; the first anal for Poonam turns out to be a painful anal. She screams screams and screams. But the cock is a no mood tostops. In fact, it increases it’s speed till the anal hole of Poonam fills with hot cum.

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