She screamed very loud during painful anal fuck


Anal fuck is always painful. Then, why both guys and chicks prefer anal sex? It may be painful but at the same time, it is more pleasurable than the conventional sex. It is not only more fun to do anal sex, but it is more fun to watch the anal sex also. If you want to derive most excitement by watching any porn, then go and watch anal porn. Roma was in the school toilet for pissing. She forgot to close the door. During the time of pissing, the door opened suddenly, but not by a girl but by a guy. He was not any student of the school, but the sweeper. He came in and closed the door. Roma screamed, but her voice failed to invade the walls and doors of the toilet. The guy came closer to Roma and kissed her madly. Roma was half naked at that time as she was pissing. There was nothing at the bottom of her. The guy made no delay. Entered her meat into the hole of Roma. This time Roma didn't scream as she enjoyed. After finishing off in the general hole, he again entered into the anal hole of Roma. This time she screamed and screamed more loudly.

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