Seduction for the first time anal


Doing a new thing, always gives a new experience. First anal, is a great experience for Kate. In fact, it is a painful anal. Kate has no idea about anal sex, Tom seduces her to go for a bout. Playing the dirty game over the bed is nothing new for Kate. She has done this on countless occasion before with different different hunks. But, when Tom asks to go in the other way, Kate thinks. “If it is related to sex then it would be pleasurable. Let’s Go for it.”

The conception of Kate comes out as wrong, when Tom tries to penetrate the ass hole of Kate with the tip of his penis. It is a really painful experience for Kate. Tom consoles her by telling that first time anal sex is always painful. Tom tries to go ahead. It is also difficult for the Tom to explore an ass, which has not been ever touch by dick. Kate almost breaks into tear. Tom manages to move to and fro for a couple of occasions. Now, it is neither painful for Kate nor difficult for Tom. Tom steps up. Kate also starts to move her massive buttock. They savor the happening.

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