Screaming and Crying girl and her first anal pain


Anal sex painful, this fact is known to most of the girls. However, each and every girl wants their anal
hole to be explored, at least once. Riti is no different. Tough, she has taken it many times in the regular
hole, but her ass hole is yet to taste the sweet taste of a dick.Riti squeezes her vaginal hole; so, that the dick of Hari would come out. That happens. Hari asks Riti to
make the connection again. Riti does that; but connected the red hot dick of hari with her ass hole. Hari
has no idea that his tool is going to the wrong hole. He thrusts in. It hesitates to go in. After all, it is not
easy to make in road to the alternative hole. He pushes with greater momentum. Now, that goes in.

Riti writhes. This time not in pleasure but in pain. She knows first anal is going to be painful; but the pain
is really unbearable. Hari ignores the pain of Riti. In fact, he doesn’t know that Riti is in pain. He goes
ahead with greater force, even. Now, Riti is not in a position to bear the pain. She cries. Cries aloud.

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