Painful Anal Penetration


The ultimate excitement for a girl is painful anal sex. There would be hardly anything in a girl’s life, which is more enjoyable than the first anal. Though, first time anal is really painful but most of the girls enjoy that like Leh.When the boyfriend of Leh tries to enter into the ass hole of Leh, she feels pain. Not slight pain, but she experiences severe pain. But she doesn’t ask him to stop. In fact, she screams ‘Go ahead’. Her boyfriend gets excited, when he listened this and gears up. He becomes numb after exploring the ass hole of Leh for quite sometime.

47.3 MB | 640x480 | mov | 04:58

09b984145177553.jpg ad4f94145177558.jpg 62a933145177562.jpg 1b37dd145177566.jpg a32bad145177570.jpg c8e372145177574.jpg 1239ee145177580.jpg a5888d145177591.jpg 40b06d145177596.jpg

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