Girl screams loud during her first painful anal


Mom is not there in the house. She left to attain a overnight party along with the son. Only the dad and
the 16 years old girl are there in the home. After gulping two large pecks of scotch, the only thing is
there in the dad’s brain is sex. He wants to indulge in a raw meat feast. The only option left is the girl.
She is young, attractive and at the same time, possesses great assets also.Dad enters into the daughter’s room and fortunately finds her sleeping. He sleeps beside her and
undoes the button of the jeans of the daughter. Slides the pant down. The daughter still sleeping. The
dad’s cock is already aroused. He touches the tip of his cock at the anal opening of the daughter. Now,
the daughter. The girl is no more sleeping. She knows that she is going to get her first anal. First anal sex
and that to with the dad. Wow, a great idea. Now, the dad’s tool is making the inroads into the ass hole
of the girl. The girl screams. Cock goes ahead. The girl screams even louder. She is unknown of the fact
that the first anal is painful anal, most of the time.

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