First anal is a very painful anal


If it is anal, then it should be painful. The taste of painful pleasure is something, which can be derived only from anal sex. If the anal is first anal, then it is better. Sia wants to earn a life time experience from her first anal sex. She makes all the arrangements for it. A single cock for a very very special occasion is not enough. She arranges two huge cocks, each of 12 inches long.

The foreplay has to be happening and extended, if you wants to derive the maximum pleasure out of the main course. She sucks both of the cock at same time and makes them to drop water. The ass hole should be perfectly smooched. Both of the guys do it in a passionate manner. The time has arrived. One two three go. The first one enters. Sia moans. The moan converts into scream as it goes ahead. She screams but the red hot cock doesn’t stops. When Sia breaks into tear, the 2nd cock tries to find a path. Oooohhhhhhhh. It is more painful than root canal surgery. Both of the guys are in a mood to make the occasion, most memorable. They give their best. Sia gets the best.

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